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Traveling is such a fun and exciting experience but comes with one negative… leaving your pet behind. We know and understand the struggle of determining which option is best for your pet, either leaving them at your home with a sitter or taking them to the kennel. We wanted to make this decision easier for you by listing the differences between the two!

Pet Sitter

With a pet sitter, you can assure yourself that your pet is in the best of care knowing that it is either a family member, close friend, or trusted source watching after your fluffy friend. If your pet sitter knows your animal on a more personal level, they may have a general idea of your pets preferences, dislikes, and likes. This may help comfort you as an owner. Not only will the pet sitter take care of your pet while you are away but a good pet sitter will also take care of your house for you. This can include bringing in the mail and turning on and off the lights to make the house look like you are still there. Your pet will feel more comfortable and safe being in an environment they are already intimate with.

As there are some great positives to having a pet sitter, there are also some negatives. While we love to believe that all pets are sweet and friendly towards everyone, but that isn’t always the case. Some pets can be aggressive and hostile towards people they aren’t familiar with, which leads to injuries and a perilous space for you and the animal. It may take some time for the animal to adjust their behavior around the pet sitter. In these situations, it is better for the pet to meet the pet sitter prior to your trip allowing the animal to become more comfortable. Another downside to pet sitting is the price. Some pet sitters charge by the hour or however long their stay is, which can potentially make it pricier than kenneling. However, the biggest fear of all pet owners is an unprofessional or ignorant pet sitter. To find a reliable and caring sitter, we recommend doing some research.


Kenneling is very much like a hotel experience, except it is accustomed to your animal.  Kennels can be really perfect if your pet is used to be surrounded by other pets. This allows them to have all day interaction and play time with other pets. Your furry friend will receive 24/7 attention and care from the staff on sight. You will have comfort knowing your pet is safe at all times. Not to mention, some kennels provide spa services so before you come to pick them up they will be squeaky clean!

Nonetheless, kennels aren’t always the most credible spot to leave your pet. Some pets don’t do well in places they don’t recognize which can cause anxiety and sadness within your animal. Pets can also pick up diseases and illnesses from kennels due to unsanitary spaces in kennels and other pets around them. The most common virus your animal may pick up is kennel cough. While there are medications that can kill the virus in a quick amount of time, it is still very irritable for your pet. A kennel can also be very loud and overwhelming which might heighten the stress of your animal making it more difficult for them to adapt to their new surroundings.

It can be challenging when deciding what to do with your animal while you are away, but we are hoping this blog will be beneficial when figuring out your pet’s arrangements. If you have any specific questions or are looking for any pet sitter recommendations, contact us via our website or call us at 843-795-7574.