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Being outside is one of the best activities for pets and their owners, but there may be harm lurking in the grasses. Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that pets contract via tick attachment. Most of the time the ones that cause this disease are deer ticks. This illness transmits through the bloodstream and can be seriously damaging to your pet’s health. Here’s some comprehensive information about Lyme disease in pets and what you can do to avoid infection.


Lyme disease can transmit within 24-48 hours. Some symptoms of this disease are fever, loss of appetite, and a lack of energy. Another sign is stiffness or swelling of the joints, usually causing discomfort and pain for your animal. Knowing the symptoms will help you understand if your pet has contracted Lyme disease so they can get the medical attention they need to heal.

Tests and Treatments

To seriously diagnose your animal, you must take a trip to the vet. Registered veterinarians will administer blood tests, as well as DNA tests, to confirm that your pet has Lyme disease. If your pet has become ill, antibiotics will be prescribed for several weeks to clear up the bacterial infection. Another treatment option is to incorporate therapies to alleviate the symptoms. Massage therapy for dogs can relieve the discomfort of your pet’s joints and is recommended.


Preventing Lyme disease before it starts is the best option for pet owners. Deer ticks can typically be found in tall grasses. Mowing regularly can prevent these ticks from making a home in your yard and protect your pets from infection. Another great prevention tip is to check your pet’s coat after they play outdoors. The armpits, ears, and feet are important places to keep in mind during your inspection. In addition to inspection, several flea preventions carried here at Oceanside Vet can also help to protect your dogs and cats against tick bites. Just ask one of us at the front desk which medication is best for your pet!

Lyme disease is a serious illness that many pet owners fail to recognize fully. Avoiding illness for your furry friends just takes a bit of knowledge and routine prevention! At Oceanside Veterinary Clinic we test every animal for Lyme disease as well as two other tick-borne diseases, E. Canis and anaplasmosis in your pets yearly heartworm snap test. If you suspect your animal has fallen ill due to Lyme disease, or any other reasons, contact your local vet and get them seen immediately.