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As June wraps up, we start looking forward to one of the most festive days of the year – the Fourth of July. Besides hanging out by the grill and watching the fireworks, the holiday is known for something a little more concerning; more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. So while you’re out and about celebrating the fifty nifty United States, make sure that your furry friends are safe, too.

  1. Stay away from glow-in-the-dark jewelry
    1. Those super-fun light up necklaces and bracelets look great on Instagram but pose a real problem to your pet’s health. Swallowing the plastic pieces could cause intestinal blockage, and the liquid inside could cause gastrointestinal irritation. So, if you are going to bring out the bling, keep it off the floor and inaccessible to pets.
  2. Collar-ed or chipped
    1. Make sure that if something bad was to happen to your furry friend, you could find them (or they could find you!). Your pet should always have a collar on with the proper, updated contact information. If you want to go the extra mile, you could install a chip in them to make it even easier to find a missing pet. Most animal shelters have chip readers, so it’s a great way to protect your pet!
  3. Beware of insect repellents
    1. Keep any citronella-based insect repellents away from your pets! Oils, candles, and sprays that contain citronella are a threat to your pet. Inhalation can cause serious respiratory problems, and ingesting it can even cause damage to the nervous system. Skin problems can arise, too, if the repellent goes onto your pet’s coat!
  4. No table food (including alcohol!)
    1. Keep in mind that table food doesn’t agree with pets and can make them sick. Even if they’re begging for a piece of barbeque, try to resist that puppy face. Common ingredients like onions, yeast, chocolate, grapes, and salt can make pets sick to their stomachs, so keep treats nearby if you want to give them something special!
  5. No fireworks, no problem
    1. Arguably the most important part of keeping your pet safe on the Fourth is to keep them away from fireworks. Not only are lighter fluid and matches dangerous for your pet’s digestive system, but the loud noises can often cause dogs to run away in fear. Leave them inside with a toy and some gentle music on to chill out while the fireworks are going off.