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This 2020 Halloween season can still be fun. Dress your pet up to celebrate! Halloween may look different this year with the lack of neighborhood trick-or-treaters, but there are still many fun ways to celebrate in your home. And, most especially with your pet. If your pet loves to be social and dress up in different outfits or costumes, we have a few fun ideas for you.  

Tiger King

This year, the show Tiger King brought us all together while we were bored in quarantine. Millions of people watched Joe Exotic’s story and his many tigers. A fun 2020 costume for your pet is to dress them up in cute tiger attire. You can make it even more fun by turning into a matching costume and dressing up as Joe Exotic yourself. This seems to be a very popular and fun costume this year. 


Our front-line workers this year deserve all the praise in the world. Another cute and popular this season is to dress your pet up in scrubs. This too can also be a matching owner-pet duo costume. Show those nurses some extra love in a fun and exciting way this howl-o-ween! 

Classic Pumpkin


Ah, the most classic pet costume, the pumpkin. No matter how many years go by, this will always be one of the cutest costumes to dress your pet in. It just never goes out of style! For dogs of any size and color, this round orange outfit will leave both you and your pet grinning. 


Another 2020 pet costume trend is a superhero theme. Your favorite four-legged friend will look adorable dressed up as your favorite superhero character. The cool thing about this costume trend is that there are so many different superheroes to choose from. Whether it be Batman or Superman, Captain America or Captain marvel, your pet will look like an adorable fighter of evil. You could even dress up as a superhero yourself and dress up your dog as your unstoppable furry side-kick. 

Make Howl-o-ween fun this year with your pet. We all deserve it!