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Fostering a pet can make a large impact on an animal in need, the shelters, and your community. We want to bring awareness to foster care and encourage people to do so. Shelters tend to be more full during the summer months because of the extreme heat, so saving lives and providing more space is crucial. Anyone who loves animals is a perfect fit to be fostering a pet. 

According to Susanne Kogut, President of the Petco Foundation, “If less than two percent of the 85 million pet-owning households in the U.S. fostered one pet a year, we could eliminate unnecessary euthanasia in animal shelters tomorrow. That’s a pretty startling statistic to most people. We believe if more people knew about the lifesaving impact of fostering, and that it can be an easy and fun experience, more people would do it.” Let’s take a look at how fostering helps and the difference it can make in not only your community but many pets’ lives. 

How Fostering Helps

Giving a pet a temporary home is one of the many ways you can help improve the lives of homeless animals. Fostering helps give more time for pets to be adopted, which in return immensely helps drop the amount of euthanized animals. Many shelters wish they could house every pet, but with a lack of space, this can’t be impossible. Opening up more space in the shelters means more lives can be saved during this time. 

Not only does fostering a pet help provide more time for animals to find their furever homes, but it also helps their emotional and physical health. Some animals may experience kennel stress or have special needs. If you choose to foster, you can help give these pets a quieter and more peaceful space whether they are a senior, have health issues, or a young pup needing to be raised until they find the right home forever. 

Want to Foster?

Fostering is a much easier process than people may think. If you don’t have the ability to take on the responsibility of caring for a puppy or kitten, there are plenty of older cats and dogs that need a temporary place to stay until they are healthy enough for their forever home or until there is space in the shelter. Whether you take a pet home temporarily for a few weeks or even a few days, you have the ability to choose a pet that can fit well into your schedule and your lifestyle. 

Have you decided you want to become a foster parent? Although saying goodbye to your new friend can be bittersweet, it’s certainly rewarding sending them off to their new family, giving them the ability for a new adventure. We’ve compiled a list of local shelters and rescue groups below. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or guidance on how you can help save a life! 

Pet Finder

The Charleston Animal Society

Pet Helpers

Southern Tails for Precious Paws

Valiant: Animal Rescue & Relief

Lowcountry Animal Rescue

Libby and Mac’s Place

Eunoia Rescue

Dorchester Paws

Happy’s Porch

Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue