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It is no secret that dogs are an enriching addition to your life. The unconditional love, fun, and companionship that dogs bring into the world are something to celebrate, and the very reason they have earned the title “man’s best friend.” A long, quality life for our dogs is all we want! In order to have that, we have to be attentive to their health. Here are 5 everyday tips for your dog’s health.

1. Make Sure They Get Exercise

Having a pet isn’t always a walk in the park, but making sure they get enough exercise is key. Different breeds of dogs tend to need different amounts of exercise for their energy levels, but they all need some activity. Daily stimulation by playing with toys, playing catch, etc. will help them keep their mental health in balance. 

2. Watch Their Weight

Watching your pet’s weight ties in with making sure they get enough exercise. Added weight can negatively affect your dog’s lifestyle. Obesity can lead to damage of the joints and (OA) osteoarthritis. Daily exercise will help your dog live its happiest life. 

3. Keep Them Free of Ticks and Fleas

In addition to flea and tick prevention, check your dog’s coat regularly for ticks and fleas to prevent any issues. Letting this go can lead to intestinal parasites. Make an appointment with your vet for products to help prevent these external and internal parasites. 

4. Keep an Eye on Their Eating Habits

One of the number one items leading to your dog’s health is nutrition. Be sure to choose a type of food that provides protein in addition to nutrition and one they enjoy. Avoid brands that might upset your dog’s stomach or cause irritation. Any gastrointestinal tract issues can lead to infections and larger health problems. If you observe your dog not eating as much, contact your veterinarian for assistance. 

5. Observe Their Water Intake

Some dogs that eat wet food may not consume as much water, but be sure they are still drinking enough. According to Fetch by WebMD, “Most need about an ounce of fluids per pound of body weight per day, so a 10-pound dog needs a bit over a cup of clean water daily. Really active or lactating dogs may need more and puppies generally drink more than adult dogs. If your dog drinks a lot more than that, it may signal a health problem.” There can be many causes as to why your dog might not be drinking enough water. If you notice your pet isn’t drinking enough or at all, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy, right? To check up on your pet’s health, vaccines, or any flea/heartworm medications, reach out to us at Oceanside Veterinary Hospital. We are providing curbside service for your health and safety too! Give us a call at (843) 795-7574 or book an appointment online today!