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It’s the time of year when children and families get to have fun by dressing up, and this may even include your pet. There are a lot of adorable costume options for your pets out there. If you plan on dressing your pet up in a costume, make sure it fits properly and your pet is comfortable. If your dog or cat isn’t used to being dressed up, give them some time before Halloween night to become accustomed to their costume. Here are some of this year’s favorites! 

Cat Costumes

Front Walking Granny

Head over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house this Halloween. This costume from turns your pet “into a granny, complete with a bun hairdo. Its two-piece design includes a front walking body piece and a separate, comfortable headpiece. It’s easy to put on with hook-and-loop fasteners, which make for a great fit no matter your pet’s size. And it comes with a silly purse attached to your pup’s hand too! This is a great costume for a Halloween party or a trick or treating trip out and about in the neighborhood.”



For the four-legged troublemaker in your family! This costume from “includes a pullover-style shirt with a “K9INM8” graphic, a separate hat with adjustable elastic ear and chin straps, and a dry-erase board that says “Guilty as Charged: Disorderly Conduct.” Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or around the block for some trick-or-treating, everyone will know your pet’s true crime: being too cute!”

Frisco Firetruck

This costume will light up any room! “This full-body costume is here to rescue your pet’s Halloween wardrobe. The firetruck body piece goes on with less fuss, thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners at the neck and belly, and it features lots of fun embellishments like a ladder, firehose and wheels, just like you’d find on a real firetruck. The separate fireman’s hat takes this costume to a different level of cuteness with a “To the Rescue” graphic on the front and a comfy fit, thanks to its adjustable elastic ear and chin straps. Wherever your pet rocks this costume this Halloween, they’ll be on fire!” Purchase yours here from

Lobster Costume

This Lobster Costume from is flexible with velcro straps and slips on and off making it a bit more comfortable for your cat or dog. Don’t let your pet miss out on the fun of colorful costumes this year. 

Dog Costumes

Pup-Corn Costume

Serve your guests some fresh pupcorn this Halloween! “This adorable costume features the headline “Fresh Pup Corn” on a red and white striped bodysuit with a tan textured collar. This popcorn-inspired dog costume is perfect for Halloween, movie nights, or photoshoots! All eyes will be on your dog in the Fresh Pup-Corn Dog Costume” from Party City.

Barkfest at Sniffany’s Costume

This costume is sure to bring laughs among the crowd. This costume includes a dress with faux pearls and a wig with a tiara making it perfect for a photo-op for your film star. Purchase this costume from

The Lion King Simba Dog Costume

Who doesn’t want to be singing “I Can’t Wait to Be King” all night?  This Lion King Simba Dog Costume by includes a sleeved shirt with an attached tail and a main headpiece. 

Frisco Rainbow Costume

This two-piece costume from “features a shiny rainbow body, complete with puffy clouds at either end, that attaches easily with hook-and-loop fasteners at the neck and belly. The separate sun hat has an adjustable elastic ear and chin straps to keep them comfortable in their costume. Your pup will really shine in this costume, no matter where the Halloween fun takes them!”

USPS Delivery Driver

Are you like the rest of us and online shopped more than ever in the last year? In this costume from, your “pet courier will deliver the goods when he’s dressed in California Costumes USPS Delivery Driver Dog & Cat Costume. This unique, high-quality pet costume features the USPS brand logo on the included shirt, cap, and box. The stuffed arms with fuzzy fastener on the palms of the hands help hold the detachable box in place. The shirt also features a convenient closure, so you can easily dress your pet up! This costume is paw-fect for Halloween, a social media photo shoot, or any day your furry friend wants to stand out from the crowd and deliver his new look!”

If your pet is making the trick-or-treating rounds with you and your children to show off his costume, remember to keep him on a leash beside you. We hope you and your families enjoy a safe and festive holiday. Happy Halloween!