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We’ve all watched Finding Nemo and quickly realized that Dori has well, a pretty bad short term memory! If you’re like any pet owner, you’ve probably stepped on your pups tail and felt like you had to relentlessly apologize the rest of the day….when in reality they seem to have forgotten 5 minutes later.

Researchers at Stockholm University conducted a study of the memories of various animals and the results are really interesting! They found that at the lower end of the scale were chimps, with a short term memory of only around 20 seconds whereas our clever canine companions actually fared around 2 minutes.

This definitely explains our dogs excitement when we walk back in the house after simply walking out to get the morning paper! Your next question…so how do they know when I grab my keys it’s time to go on a ride?

Dogs make memories associated to objects, or associative memory. They store useful information drawn from routine events such as familiar events like a walk, a familiar person or even grabbing the food bag meaning dinner is on it;s way!