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Dogs really did just get it all didn’t they? They are always happy, are award-winning greeters, and naturally, they LIKE to work. In fact, dogs with ‘jobs’ are typically happier, healthier and tend to have longer lives.

At one point, all dogs were bred for specific reasons – retrieving skills, tracking skills, strength, or even just to be a companion. Acting on their natural instinct to want to preform these tasks opens up a great opportunity – brain games.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of being active with your pet, using stimulating games is a great way to further the overall wellbeing of your furry friends.

1. For the Trackers:

Smell is by far a dog’s most powerful sense. Make ‘games’ to exercise this natural talent by playing hide and seek with treats, toys or even yourself! Looking for and finding the hidden object encourages your pup to problem solve and promotes confidence!

2. For the Nerds

Many people do not realize that dogs thrive under discipline activities. Pups love to please their master and learning a new trick is the perfect way to do this! Don’t let the old saying fool you either, you can always teach an old dog new tricks!

3. For the Retrievers:

Fetch. This one may seem obvious, but there is more than one reason your pup LOVES to play fetch – it is an instinct. Playing this with your dog, while teaching them the rules, (i.e. – drop the ball at your feet, actually bring the ball ALL the way back to you, sit before throwing, etc…) is both mentally and physically stimulating.


Get out this weekend, have fun, and test those doggy minds!