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Summer is almost over which means that everyone is getting back to a more routine schedule: kids are going back to school & parents are getting busier at work or have to drive their kids around more. It’s okay for your dog to be alone at home for parts of the day, but if you are gone for long periods of the day, you might want to consider doggie day care! It’s not fair for your furry friend to be home alone and not getting the exercise that he/she needs! Even though doggie daycare is another expense for your pet, the benefits can definitely be worth the money!

First of all, it helps your dog socialize with not only other dogs, but also other humans. Dogs are pack animals and they need that interaction with other dogs. If you only have one dog, it’s easy for them to forget how to socialize with others in public settings.  Having your dog socialize with other dogs and humans at daycare will help with any interactions in the future. He/she will become more friendly towards other dogs and more obedient to other humans.

Secondly, your dog will always get plenty of exercise at daycare! This is not only beneficial for the dog but also for the owner! Sometimes if dogs don’t get enough exercise, they have pent up energy and they get this out by misbehaving or being hyper at home. If your dog goes to daycare and is able to get out that energy, your dog is less likely to misbehave in that manner.

Finally, your dog will always be supervised. Sometimes puppies can get into mischief when they are left at home alone. If your dog is at daycare, you’ll never have to worry about that!

Time for the kids to go back to school and the pup to go to daycare? Your furry friend will be so much healthier and happier! Make sure your happy with the facility and all of the amenities they offer! Looking for a great place to take the pups? We love our neighbors at Head to Tail Pet Care!