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Did you know November is National Adopt a Senior Pet month?

Aging dogs are the best companions because they are already filled with love, appreciation and devotion. In their eyes, you are their hero for rescuing them! When you open your heart to a senior dog, they really do show you all the appreciation they have to offer.

Unfortunately, senior pups are prone to health issues—such as: arthritis and stiffness. There are different options for treatment, but today’s veterinarians have access to laser therapy treatment that is more effective long-term than medications. Laser Therapy is a safe, drug-free, painless treatment that helps animals in every stage of life, whether they have arthritis, acute/chronic pain or post-surgical pain. This treatment is noninvasive, FDA-approved, and usually only lasts a few minutes per session. The procedure uses wavelengths of light to stimulate cell activity in the body and increase blood circulation. After about 3-5 treatment sessions, there is significant improvement on your pet and there is a quick recovery time!

For the months of November and December, Ohlandt Vet is offering 50% OFF our Companion Litecure Class IV Laser Treatment Packages. This treatment is perfect for our Adopt a Senior Pet month and your pet will feel better in no time! Not all pets can have this treatment, so consult with us to find out if it’s a treatment option for your pet. Nothing is more rewarding than adopting a pet and getting treatment for them that is quick and painless, so they can live a long and happy life as your companion!

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