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Hitting the road with your furry best friend can be an adventure for you both. When making your travel plans, choose what is best for your pet. If tagging along, be sure to keep your pet comfortable and set aside some time to be spent by their side. For instance, cats are almost always better off at home. If you’ve decided it’s best to hit the road as a team, follow our tips for traveling safe and stress-free.

Before Your Adventure

  • Visit your vet to make sure your pet is feeling up to par for travel. While you’re there, grab your pet’s updated records and make sure they are caught up on vaccines.
  • Check your pet’s microchip and update their tags with all your current information.
  • Have a plan for your pet’s accommodations. Comfortability is essential for a successful trip with your pet. Make sure they have a generous sized carrier that will give them the ability to stand, sit or lay down freely. It may be better to keep your pet restrained, so they do not distract with their enthusiasm you while driving.
  • Pack wisely. Make sure your pet has everything they need to keep them happy during your trip. Keep food, water, toys, water bowls and litter on hand and ready for usage.

On the Road

  • Although we may want the drive to go by faster, it is important to stop frequently to make sure your animal isn’t holding their bladder for too long. It is also nice for both of your to stretch your legs frequently.
  • Try to prohibit your pet from keeping their head out the window during your trip. This action may be exciting for them, but it can be distracting for you. Your pet may also be more vulnerable to outside debris and could put your pet in danger.
  • Never leave your pet alone in the car. If you have to stop somewhere, bring your pet with you or have someone stay in the car with them. By taking this precaution, you’ll protect your furry loved one from rising temperatures and possible pet thieves.
  • Make sure your pet is staying hydrated and getting the proper food intake. Some animals may be more susceptible to car reactions, so their normal portions may be too much for them to handle while driving.

When it comes to traveling with your pet, preparation is key. If you run into any bumps while planning your road trip, feel free call (843) 795-7574 or visit Oceanside Vet with any questions or concerns. Travel safe!