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We all know that nothing can heal having a bad day than cuddles and company from your pup. Your furry friend just knows when to stick by your side during the ups and the downs. With rising stress levels and employees being completely worn out from a long day in the office, it is extremely beneficial for businesses to allow pets to join the work environment.  It is everyone’s dream to be able to have their pooch tag along due to the benefits it brings and that is why pet-friendly offices are becoming more popular in today’s business culture. Business owners, listen up!

Creates Positive Interactions

There may be times when you feel some tension or awkwardness at the office. Dogs are an excellent way to act as a social lubricant. They are great for breaking the discomfort and causing employees to talk to one another. Having a dog walking around the office will be a great conversation starter and will help reduce social anxiety among all the employees.

Reduces Stress

It is very common for employees to experience a tough day at the office. They might be swamped with deadlines and feel very overwhelmed. A dog will help to reduce stress even if it means taking a break from their desk and taking the dog for a short walk outside. It is beneficial for employees to not overwork themselves and to have a breather.

Allows for Longer Work Days  

Many pet owners may feel the need to rush home the second their work day is over so they can let out their pooch. Allowing employees to bring their pets to work gives them a reason to stay a little later and finish up work, which in the end causes the employees to be a lot more productive and will improve their morale. Dogs don’t feel the need to hurry back home when they are right by your side, with an empty bladder and a full bowl of food!

Improves Your Company Image

Allowing pets in the office can increase customer’s perceptions of a business. When they see that a company is pet-friendly, it will prove that the employees are all very laid back and easy going. When customers are given the chance to interact with a furry friend that is hanging in the office, it will make them think very highly of the company and want to return for more puppy kisses and tail waggings! Pets simply make the business environment a lot more enjoyable and the inviting culture is extremely attractive for customers.

Minimizes Employee Turnover

It is very common for employees to leave a job if they aren’t happy in the environment. Allowing pets in the office is irresistible for employees who are huge animal lovers and might struggle to leave their pet home alone all day. When potential hirees notice that the office allows bringing your pooch to work, it is a valuable factor that could be the reason for them choosing one job over another.

The benefits of having pooches in the workplace are never-ending. They are constantly putting smiles on peoples faces which in the end creates a healthier and happier work environment for everyone.